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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

News from the (very Windy) north.

Anyone would think this was Wellington, not Whangaparaoa. It will be a relief when the wind settles a bit. But for now, it's good to not have to go far (oh, yes, there is the gym - I'm dressed for it, but can't quite get mentally prepared!) and I thought it was time to show and tell some of the results of the past few weeks.

My nephew, Brendon was very pleased with the quilt I made for his beautiful daughter Rileigh. I'm always amazed and humbled when others are so happy with these gifts.

Next: after the wonderful 2 day class by Louise Gardiner I had a quirky piece of multi media machine embroidery, with a definite Lou Gardiner bent. What do you think?

As my Mum said, 'Picasso, Eat your heart out!'
But it needed more work, and I had decided it would be the perfect gift for my sister-in-law for her 60th birthday.

So a bit of paint here, and playing with that sewing machine around the edges (just loved doing that), some bling (gotta have the bling!) and voila!

Ros, I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed making her.

And finally, congratulations to Kim and Jan on the birth of their baby daughter, Lilith, on 18 Sep. I hope she enjoys her quilt. See the last blog to catch up on that.

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