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Monday, 15 November 2010

Hand knitted baby socks

Did I mention that I knit in my spare time? What spare time, you may ask. Well, when one is in the car or watching TV. You can't read while you are watching TV (at least, I can't) and sitting and doing nothing BUT watching TV seems like a huge waste of time, so I knit. Baby socks. Great little socks that stay on baby's little feet, in newborn and 3 to 6 month sizes. Newborn babies need natural fibres to keep their feet warm, whatever season they are born.

Some say it's like knitting with tooth picks :)

My daughter dyes 4 ply sock wool (80% wool and 20% polyester) and while this is great wool for adult socks and all sorts of other garments, I love it for the baby socks. Her colours are interesting and often vibrant. Check these out.

"Thyrza" socks by Helen H, Wool by Stashable

"Pansy" socks by Helen H, Wool by Stashable

If you are interested in buying socks try my website and if you would like to see the full range of wool to purchase via the web, go to Stashable. I hope to see you soon. In the mean time (I don't watch TV in the morning) I will go and make some more jewellery (or jewelry - if you happen to live somewhere else in the world)

Sometimes I use other wools. For me it's all about colour/color. :)

"Blue Boy" socks by Helen H. 75% wool, 25% polymide

"Soft Multi" socks by Helen H. 75% wool, 25% polymide.

Have a great week. Less than 6 weeks to Christmas and overseas posting needs to done very soon. No pressure!!!!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christmas Shopping night

I hope you can come along to the Christmas Extravaganza on Thursday night, 4th November. I've been creating madly to have something different to show you. I'm looking forward to meeting you there. The summer range I am working on is varied.
I welcome Trade inquiries too.


My favourites at the moment are the hand strung pearls. And that means if you have pearls or other special jewellery that needs to be restrung or revamped, let me know. I do repairs as well as creating new lovely fashion jewellery.

Adding these photos to the blog is much harder than actually making the jewellery.
So now that I have them here, it is time to publish them before I lose them. If you would like to know more about any of them, please contact me or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a good week.

Adios until next time.
Helen H