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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hello again, and I'm still wearing my quilting hat. Another staff member is off on Maternity leave. I can tell you - I'm staying well clear of the water in the office.

Kim is having a baby girl later this month, so it seemed appropriate to make her a quilt to remember the Kiwis by when she heads back to Germany - even for her visits.

Sunshine Quilt

I made this at the recent retreat at Vaughan Park. 4 days sewing - no meals or housework. Not all of the time was spent on this quilt though.

I love to back the baby quilts with flannel for a warm cosy night's sleep or a snuggle in front of the TV.

Kim was just checking the size of the New born baby socks with the size of her baby. The socks are available from my website helenhoriginals.co.nz , and they are handknitted from yarn (80% wool) from stashable.co.nz

This was all pretty predictable fun for me, because I have been quilting for the past 30 something years. But watch this space for something right out of my comfort zone when I show you the results of a class with the very lovely and zanny Louise Gardiner. Check out her blog site from here http://www.lougardiner.co.uk/

Until next time, I'm off to keep those little fingers busy at the sewing machine, or maybe some beading. But there is some embroidery I would like to do. And that glass is still sitting downstairs waiting for some attention.

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