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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

'Welcome' Quilt for Rileigh

Finally, with the assistance of the GIMP class I am doing with Sharon b http://inaminuteago.com/, I have a photo of Rileigh's quilt. I made this after she was born on the 28th July, and sent it to Coolengata with my sister when she went from NZ to meet her latest granddaughter.

I also have to say the GIMP classes are going very slowly, but I am getting a lot of extra things done. Like downloading all the photos from my camera (about time too), and trying to organise them. *Sigh* what a mission that is. It's even more of a mission to try to find them again - just when you thought you had it planned very logically.

It was wonderful to actually be able to 'straighten' this quilt. Thanks Sharon.

Have a good week everyone. Another quilt photo coming soon.

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