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Friday, 21 September 2012

Welsh and Kiwi Unite


This quilt is amazing.

Thank you Jalaine Armstrong for bringing this wonderful quilt to me to add the quilting. And what a wonderul story.

The Wedding Quilt

Jalaine's Kiwi daughter is engaged to a Welsh lad. They love Rugby. They became engaged at the Rugby World Cup.

Quilting this was interesting. Can you see the rugby balls surrounding the Welsh Dragon?

Harder to see, but the background of this flag is grey tikis etc on a black background. And the quilting has a definite tkit/koru flavour to it. And all surrounded with a cable design.

Sometimes it is easier to see the quilting design from the back. I'm not sure, but you can make up your own mind.
I wish the happy couple all the best and hope they really enjoy their wedding quilt.
Keep cozy

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